BlackStone | Design.

Blackstone works with a Portfolio of the finest and most qualified designers to achieve breathtaking, innovative and unique homes.

Blackstone’s team of designers will create stunning atmospheres from room to room, each unique and exclusive to you.

Blackstone interiors will include:

  • Unique furnishings and materials sourced from some of the most stylish locations around the world.
  • Exclusive designs created for even the most selective of clients.
  • Breathtaking colour schemes to fulfil every mood and atmospheres.
  • Beautiful surroundings finished to an exquisite standard, each one bespoke and completely unique and special to Blackstone Homes.
  • Our team of designers will provide each home with a tailor-made experience to suit every need and individual dream.
  • Blackstone’s designers will provide all our clients with a completely personalised experience to create your ideal home.

We at Blackstone pride ourselves on providing high quality, exquisite interiors for every property.

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